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Sodré GB Neto

Monitoring of all countries per million deaths

Summary: By mere accident, we discovered this ratio of lower casualties in countries that use herbal medicine, we were researching medicinal plants that help treat hypertension and diabetes, and we ended up finding countries that use herbal medicines most, curiously, we also discovered that they are the same where the rates of deaths by million people are very low. In Brazil, in a recent research, a very low number of doctors prescribe plants and their population is at the mercy of very few doctors who have this vision, being in charge of nutritionists and others to reinvent themselves in order to be able to advise which plant is better for our diseases. This culture of the industry’s little cords, or better, watched over by it, or better yet, under its health surveillance, was reflected head-on and terribly in the Covid-19 pandemic,

Yes, I put “scientific” in quotation marks because today’s “science” for more palpable subjects is fine, but medical-drug science has become a real marionette prostitute in the pharmaceutical industry, because only those who are super expensive clinical trials, so all clinical research that does not generate patents and exclusivity becomes pseudoscience, that is, 99.9999% of pre-clinical research and even clinics with few participants, go to the trash can and only become “science” projects from the industries. This is not science, this is largely just a prostitute trade in products that no one knows how to copy. Billions of initiatives do not find funding and incentive to be able to advance in clinical tests that could be done by cell phone to be cheaper.

To begin this controversial article, I ask readers to read a few scientific articles that demonstrate 1) the historical efficacy of herbal medicines for viruses and 2) the modest clinical trials and publications that have tested successful herbal medicines for Covid-19.

1) Recommended scientific articles related to plants with antiviral content


2) Specific scientific articles and clinical trials of Covid-19 anti-virus plants

Before he died, the late Father Ticão sent me messages saying that inspired by an audio he had sent, he had the idea of ​​promoting a new health ministry here in Brazil, as we have in India. In India we have 2 ministries of health, one more connected and submissive to the pharmaceutical industry and the other more linked to natural plants . In Brazil, we only have a health ministry that is more focused on toxic synthetic drugs from the pharmacy, which ends up being directed by powerful lobbyists and by ANVISA, which is an organ that is super characterized for working at the service of the industry, as well as in the USA with its FDA ( In Brazil, there was even a former president of ANVISA who released a criminal statement saying “we do not approve drugs already approved by the FDA so as not to fail the national pharmaceutical industry” fully demonstrating that this body works not primarily for our health but for the pockets of the multinationals that dominate here. That is why you will not see effective antiviral plants against covid-19, nor super cheap vaccines accessible to anyone, from egg yolk from infected chickens or quails (which I released in March 2020) and was released in August 2020 by Stanford researchers (2nd most relevant university on the planet), but only expensive news from Moderna, Pfizer, etc.

In India and Chinese medicine we have a more inclusive mentality regarding health practices, in India we even have another health ministry that takes care of research related to natural plants and / or cheap protocols that the extremely high cost of the western hospital system does not practice as ozone therapy ,auto-hemotherapy, hyperbaric chambers, and also the so-called (here) alternative medicine, which is their ancient medicine, holistic, integralist, which here is often called pseudoscience and / or marginalized to the maximum by the media (controlled by investors who have roles in the pharmaceutical industry), who rule the minds of most people and present solutions almost only from large laboratories, as if only these were serious, and the rest, when they are rarely mentioned, are referred to at most as “something little” ”“ Complementary ”between smiles and almost debauchery.

They also pursue even expired patents on drugs that do not represent profit, protocols like Dr. Zelenco, realize that no matter how efficient they are, they get as much unworthiness as possible where ordinary lay people (and even some scientists) tend to be carried by these waves ideological science driven by large clinical trials (crammed with conflict of interest so they are large trials) and market dispute as to what would be the “best” solution, which in a spirit of simply adding hundreds of excellent, good and or reasonable contributions against Covid-19. In Brazil they still control doctors watching over them, and the number of doctors trainedso that they walk the path of the industry that governs a standard ideology in treatments based on the great “trial clinicals” (which, as I said, practically only they can afford).

Here is the sad result:

India brazil usa
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However Covid-19 came to punish us for this, and to demonstrate by the data the superiority of survival in cultures where doctors and people value more ancient medicinal plants and / or alternative medicinal practices, which in the West are usually pursued by Western medicine controlled by the industry and its expensive “trial clinicals” (which practically only they can afford) for their exclusive patented products.

Now, in the face of this tragic, terrible, revolting, scary and shameful picture,our Latin American scientists linked to phytotherapy decided to react, disclosing tables such as the ones below which fully demonstrate (within the scientific methodology) the effectiveness of these plants and / or ancient practices, and amazingly, below I demonstrate that in several countries where such practices are prevalent the number of deaths drops sharply (not the case in Brazil where a very low percentage of doctors prescribe plants).

So I’m not defending the mistakes, but I think that Bolsonaro and Trump are just details of much bigger mistakes that have been happening in Western Sciences, ANVISA, FDA, MEDICINA, CFM & Cia in Brazil and the USA; and that blaming Bolsonaro or Trump is the same as blaming the PT for the corruption in Brazil that has been going on for centuries, and making them scapegoats that hide the real and real, and immense corruption that has been happening systematically and within the best standards and standards.

Sodré GB Neto
Clinical Trial Project Coordinator UFG

Creator of the Anticancer Food Table
Cancer table

Video summarizing
Traditional Medicine Conferences 2020 | Alternative Medicine ...

A report on the prevalence of medicinal plants highlighted a poor country, Ghana, but out of 25,430 cases out of a population of 31 million, only 139 deaths by Covid-19. Under-notification? No, because Japan, over-notified with 136 million inhabitants, over-known for using medicinal plants a lot, has only about 1000 dead. Several other examples can be cited in the same situation. The science of synthetics dominates mainly in richer countries, but it seems that the wisdom of nature or design has become increasingly bent. Living beings increasingly demonstrate that the best project for them to live is to return to the natural. Recalling also that those who actually produce the vaccine are living beings challenged (exposed to the pathogen), as in the case of colostrum present in the egg yolk and milk in the 72 hours after birth,

This observation, that countries that use a lot of medicinal plants had a lower death rate due to Covid-19, came by accident, as we were looking for medicinal plants that can contribute to the control of blood pressure and diabetes for the construction of an informative questionnaire to these patients, since there were publications that warned that synthetic drugs such as losartan, enalapril and others, increased cellular expressions that receive the Covid-19 virus, and accidentally, I also started to compare the Covid-19 death rate in the countries of most used medicinal plants. It was neither Brazil nor the USA logically.

For example, I had just read a scientific article showing that in Morocco there is a high rate of diabetics and hypertension (Covid-19 risk group) and that a high percentage of the population is treated with medicinal plants,  Phytotherapy of hypertension and diabetes in oriental Morocco  then I went to check the number of deaths by Covid 19 in Morocco and look: 259 until 07/15/2020, in a population of 36 million.

Another piece of evidence, in Palestine where there were only 44 reported deaths from Covid-19, out of a population of 5 million, “the use of herbal therapies in diabetes is highly prevalent in Palestine. More than 70% of the people who use it ”.  Complementary and alternative medicine use amongst Palestinian diabetic patients

The strongest evidence of this comes from those who represent half of the world population where alternative medicine and medicinal plants are used a lot: China and India. India and China itself, with its 3 billion inhabitants, almost half of the planet, has proportionally a much smaller number of deaths. India with 1.38 billion has 25 thousand deaths and China, 4700 (And although I do not know who trusts the reported data from China, I think they should not have more than 50 thousand deaths, which would already be a very small proportion proportionally).

Japan has a very high use of medicinal plants and alternative medicine, and has had 136 million inhabitants, around 1,000 killed by Covid-19 so far. Australia has 26 million inhabitants and has only 113 deaths, detail, its legislation for herbal medicine and alternative medicines is much more liberal and differentiated cooperating so that plants have greater liberation.

The countries where medicine is controlled by what passed the expensive “clinical trial” 1, 2 and 3, clinical tests that do not come out of less than 300 million dollars, where only the synthetic industry has money to pay, and for that almost only patentable industrial medicines that have manufacturing exclusivity are recommended, leaving out plants, expired patents, medicines already known by several laboratories, and cheap alternative methods that do not represent high percentages and fees in equipment sales and service provision.

As the USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, France, etc., show to be more dominated by Western science that is dominated commercially by the industry, the number of deaths deaths is frightening.

Traditional Medicine Conferences 2020 | Alternative Medicine ...  crossing with

Garlic: Much more efficient than hydroxychloroquine

This demonstrated that garlic is 4 times more efficient than hydroxychloroquine
Computational screening approaches for investigating potential activity of phytoligands against SARS-CoV-2

The new Coronavirus infection is responsible for numerous deaths worldwide, and there is still no approved prophylactic vaccine or specific treatment available. Based on evidence from laboratory, animal and clinical studies, hydroxychloroquine is one of the treatment options selected in ‘Solidarity’ – an international clinical trial to help find an effective treatment for COVID-19, launched by the World Health Organization and partners. However, the reused drug, hydroxychloroquine can cause adverse reactions to the drug and contraindications, including cardiomyopathy, fulminant liver failure, vertigo and other allergic reactions. Under such circumstances, there is an urgent need to screen for new natural leads that exhibit specific antiviral activities against SARS-CoV – 2. The present study suggested that phytoligand derived from medicinal herbs exhibited potential binding properties to the main virulence factors of SARS-CoV – 2. The selected phytomolecules were screened based on acceptable pharmacokinetic and drug-like properties, thus making them exploitable Safely to the Coronavirus mitigation system. The present study showed that gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​(GGA) specifically exhibited the most significant binding energy and coupling position for the main viral virulence factors (EG-peak GGA + peak value = –578.57 Kcal / mol; E GGA value + viral main protease = –493.53 Kcal / mol; E GGA value + endoribonuclease = –825, 00 Kcal / mol) compared to the known chemical moiety hydroxychloroquine (E HCQ value + peak glycoprotein = –207.47 Kcal / mol; E HCQ + viral main protease = –235.48 Kcal / mol; E HCQ + value endoribonuclease = –213.54 Kcal / mol). Therefore, the present study provides implications for the possible use of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​(herbal source: Allium sativum) as a new and prospective drug candidate. This phytomolecule is also found in other species of the Allium genus (A. cepae A. schoenoprasum). . In view of the current viral pandemic and the scarcity of effective therapy, further studies are urgently needed to explore the therapeutic potential of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​against SARS-CoV-2. E HCQ value + endoribonuclease = –213.54 Kcal / mol). Therefore, the present study provides implications for the possible use of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​(herbal source: Allium sativum) as a new and prospective drug candidate. This phytomolecule is also found in other species of the Allium genus (A. cepae A. schoenoprasum). . In view of the current viral pandemic and the scarcity of effective therapy, further studies are urgently needed to explore the therapeutic potential of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​against SARS-CoV-2. E HCQ value + endoribonuclease = –213.54 Kcal / mol). Therefore, the present study provides implications for the possible use of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​(herbal source: Allium sativum) as a new and prospective drug candidate. This phytomolecule is also found in other species of the Allium genus (A. cepae A. schoenoprasum). . In view of the current viral pandemic and the scarcity of effective therapy, further studies are urgently needed to explore the therapeutic potential of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​against SARS-CoV-2. This phytomolecule is also found in other species of the Allium genus (A. cepae A. schoenoprasum). . In view of the current viral pandemic and the scarcity of effective therapy, further studies are urgently needed to explore the therapeutic potential of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​against SARS-CoV-2. This phytomolecule is also found in other species of the Allium genus (A. cepae A. schoenoprasum). . In view of the current viral pandemic and the scarcity of effective therapy, further studies are urgently needed to explore the therapeutic potential of gamma-glutamyl-S-allycysteine ​​against SARS-CoV-2.Computational screening approaches for investigating potential activity of phytoligands against SARS-CoV-2

Camellia sinensis (green tea) and black tea have proven to be potent antiviral compatible also for the Covid 19 virus 

“Polyphenolic compounds and are epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epicatechin gallate (ECG), epicatechin (EC), galocatechin-3-gallate (GCG), galocatechin (GC), catechin gallate (CG) and catechin (C) (Ai et al.,  2019 ) These green tea polyphenols / catechins are promising compounds in the display of antiviral activities. They show antiviral activity against a wide range of human viruses, including influenza, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes simplex virus and HIV (Calland et al.,  2012  ; Fassina et al.,  2002  ; Ide et al.,  2016  ; Lyu et al.,  2005  ; Xu et al.,  2008 ). These polyphenols are even active against the dengue virus (DENV), Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) and Zika virus (ZIKV) (Carneiro et al.,  2016  ; Ismail & Jusoh,  2017  ; Mahajan et al.,  2020  ; Weber et al. ,  2015 ) “

Table 3. Portions of selected herbs showing probable antiviral usefulness, assessed using extensive literature. (Adapted table placed information and images taken from the article )

Plantain: the best healing herb on the planet!  See all uses ...
The plants are selected based on an extensive literature, with a specific focus on their ethno- 
medicinal attributes , ability to provide symptomatic relief and direct / indirect antiviral activity, if any.

Aromatic smells fighting corona virus

In 2004, using the closed car as if it were a camera, dripping mint on the fan with hot air on, or making a mask with mint oil, we noticed antiviral action.

This scientific article argues that aromatic chambers can kill the virus:

“This research article explains a thermal fusion therapy with organic aroma and organic carbon to
fight the influenza virus / human corona virus. The main concept behind this therapy is to kill virus / invisible enemy
using carbon molecules and highly active, untraceable / unrecognizable drugs. However, to make a cumulative
defense against the flu virus, different methods were used. High energy thermal waves (light / radiation spectrum)
generated by the mustard oil lamp will denature the flu virus in the high temperature air zone created above the flame and
surroundings. In addition, carbon nanoparticle colloids reach the virus RNA particle and, due to the super-collusion of the Tyndall effect, occur between them in hot air. Thus, thermal waves assist carbon colloids and volatile components of essential oil to infuse together with the virus into the air and neutralize its activity. In addition, inhaling this hot air will clear passages, trachea and lungs more efficiently. This will not only reduce the grip / attachment of the flu virus to the nasal and bronchial epithelial lining, but also reduce the viral load. In addition, the organic carbon present in the bhasma, the mixture with honey and alum, forms a thick, sticky colloidal mass that overlaps the intestinal mucosa after oral use. this can trap the virus and inhibit the binding of the virus peak protein to the ACE-2 receptors found on human cells. In addition, the regular use of herbal syrup prepared from natural constituents will stop the formation of precipitated mucus and dissolve it by rapid action. Proper use of this compound therapy will save patients from sneezing, runny nose, dry cough, fluid filling and cytokine bursting into the lungs and prohibit the infiltration of viruses in the liver, kidney and other tissues. It will reduce morbidity and save the patient from the sepsis that occurs in Organs vital organs. Regular use of organic syrup will generate a primary humoral immune response in the patient. It will provide longevity for the patient beyond 14 days (up to 28 days) until the long-term immune defense is being made in the patient’s body and the infection has completely disappeared. This therapy will reduce / reduce the need for the ventilator, but it will be necessary to develop technology ”.

To what extent does science commit a crime against humanity when it despises these ancient wisdoms, at the same time that it uses them to construct its hypotheses and even plagiarizes its active principles? In the area of ​​cancer we read:

“After the emergence of modern antineoplastic therapy, the medical community is divided into two opposing fields, one stating an absolute need to use isolated or synthesized chemical compounds for efficient treatment of the patient and another that advocates alternative cancer therapies, particularly those based on natural sources, including plant extracts. In reality, it seems that the two fields are reconcilable: while natural sources, plant extracts or juices play a curative and protective role, drugs represent the last possibility to inhibit or reverse the development of the tumor ”  https: //link.springer .com / article / 10.1007 / s13659-014-0048-9

The side effects of this scientific rigidity with half-religious subjects have cost and still cost the lives of billions of people, since it has reached phytotherapeutic, Chinese, Ayurvedic medicine, which prove to be superior to the patentable toxic analytes capable of being moderately and loosely tested by the synthetic industry. medicines.

The scientist, mainly the westerner, and the doctor, were taught to look suspiciously at popular wisdoms, prayers and tweets, to call them pseudoscience, but if you look at countries with a lower proportion of deaths from Covid-19, it will confirm that it is exactly where medicinal plants are most used and empirical, popular, millennial wisdoms are respected.

Aromatic chamber treatment system ***

* Aromatic smells fighting corona virus – I was part of this technique in 2004 using the closed car as if it were a camera, dripping mint on the fan with hot air on. ** Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus * ( Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus )

** ( Method-for-Clearance-of-Nasal-Air-Passage-Trachea-Lungs-and-Immunity-Boosting-Against-Influenza-Virus.pdf )


* Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus * ( Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus )


* Antiviral Aromatic System * ( Antiviral Aromatic System )

*** Positioning on Chloroquine ***

* As much as it is not the best option of the more than 100 that exist. I understand that it is one of the many cases of drugs that are victims of the dictatorship of the clinical trial, as I explained in the text below, where cheap or old formulas do not represent exclusive patents for gain, and therefore do not receive sponsorship and enough money to pay for “trial clinical 1 , 2, 3 and 4 ”that does not come out of less than 300 million dollars ** **… .moreover, this remedy because it depends on joint actions (zinc + antiviral + ASA anticoagulant + vit B3 + vit D, etc.), suffers in clinical trials that, in general, do not allow variables which would make it difficult in “trial clinical”, to test specifically, the active principle (I even have a criticism only in this regard here ** **). *

it’s full of publications in favor of invermectin like

Here in Brazil it seems that the wave is to choose what they understand as the best option and to despise others, but I think we should encourage everything because there are publications in excellent magazines that prove that there is some contrition as we can see:

”We recently reported results on 320 cases of high-risk COVID-19 (age> 50 with ≥ 1 comorbidity) and updated our results with 549 additional cases in the period ending December 16, 2020. Our protocol uses at least two agents with antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 (zinc, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin) and an antibiotic (azithromycin, doxycycline, ceftriaxone) together with inhaled budesonide and / or intramuscular dexamethasone. Albuterol nebulizer, inhaled budesonide, intravenous volume expansion with supplemental parenteral thiamine 500 mg, magnesium sulfate 4 grams, folic acid 1 gram, vitamin B12 1 mg, are administered to critically ill patients who present or return to the clinic with severe symptoms . In period 1 (April-September 2020) 6/320 (1.9%) and 1/320 (0, 3%) patients were hospitalized and died, respectively. In period 2, (September-December 2020) 14/549 (2.6%) and 1/549 (0.18%) were hospitalized and died, respectively. For comparison, we used the Cleveland Clinic’s COVID-19 hospitalization calculator and based on average age and comorbidities the expected hospitalization rate for both periods was 18.5%. The cumulative mortality between confirmed and suspected COVID-19 in Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties was 0.76, 1.04, 0.90 and 0.97. As a result, our early outpatient treatment regimen was associated with an estimated reduction of 87.6% and 74.9% in hospitalization and death, respectively, p <0.0001. Conclusions. We conclude that early outpatient drug therapy is associated with substantial reductions in hospitalization and death compared to rates available in the community. Immediate outpatient treatment should be offered to high-risk patients with COVID-19, rather than vigilant observation and advanced hospitalization for rescue therapies.

3.1. Patients
According to available public reference data, 712 confirmed SARS-CoV-2 PCR-19 positive COVID-19 patients were reported to the respective community at the defined time point of the analysis. Of these 712 patients, 335 were seen as outpatients in a general practice and 127 were treated with triple combination therapy. Of these 127 patients, 104 met the risk stratification criteria and were included in the analysis (Table 1). Of the 335 patients, 208 did not meet the defined risk stratification criteria and were treated with the standard of care and recovered at home. The SARS-CoV-2 infection of 37 additional patients who were clinically diagnosed with COVID-19 who met the risk stratification criteria and who were also treated with triple therapy was later confirmed by IgG tests (Table 1). additionally included in the analysis resulting in a total number of 141 patients, all with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection by PCR or IgG tests. None of these patients were lost to follow-up for the defined outcome. The result of the remaining 377 patients with COVID-19 tested positive, but not treated, for example, from other clinics in the community, served as a public reference (Fig. 1) The analysis of the 141 patients in the treatment group showed that all these patients ( 100%) received HCQ prescription, 136 (96, 5%) zinc sulfate and 133 (94.3%) azithromycin, while 1 patient (0.7%) received doxycycline instead. Instead of triple therapy, 1 patient (0.7%) in the treatment group received only HCQ, 7 patients (5.0%) received HCQ and zinc and 4 patients (2.8%) received HCQ and azithromycin.

Several publications in favor of ivermectin such as

Dr Zelenko’s protocol has extensive experience in Brazil because here it was released for use within the freedom of the doctor to prescribe and the patient to receive. Early treatment now has maximum scientific evidence 1A with Dr Harvey Risch’s Yale meta-analysis.

More than 1.6 million Americans have been infected with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), and more than 10 times that number carries antibodies against it. High-risk patients with symptomatic disease progression currently have only inpatient treatment, with its high mortality, at their disposal. An outpatient treatment that avoids hospitalization is extremely necessary. Two candidate drugs have been widely discussed: remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + azithromycin (AZ). Remdesivir has shown moderate efficacy in hospitalized patients, but no trial in outpatients has been recorded. HCQ + AZ has been widely misrepresented in clinical reports and in the public media, and outpatient test results are not expected until September. Early outpatient disease is very different from later flowering disease that requires hospitalization, and treatments are different. Evidence on the use of HCQ alone or HCQ + AZ in inpatients is irrelevant with regard to the effectiveness of HCQ + AZ in initial high-risk outpatient disease. Five studies, including 2 controlled clinical trials, demonstrated significant efficacy of the main outpatient treatment. HCQ + AZ has been used as the standard of care in more than 300,000 elderly people with multiple comorbidities; the estimated proportion of such patients diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia attributable to drugs is 47 per 100,000 users, among whom the estimated mortality is less than 20% (9 / 100,000 users), compared to the 10,000 Americans who now die every week.

* Many know that I try to be that “exempt” and I am critical of any government, church, ideology, praising what I think is good from any party, church, ideology; but the fact that his order to have a lot of chloroquine produced, in my view, was quick and excellent; I understand that there is now a war against pharmaceutical companies and **** the cattle **** are now more intellectuals, and even some scientists due mainly to the Trial Clinical dictatorship that must be faced head on and I have a solution for the same flaws . *

***Herbal medicine and pattern identification for treating COVID-19: a rapid review of guidelines*** (Herbal medicine and pattern identification for treating COVID-19: a rapid review of guidelines)

***Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic*** (Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic)

* All of these plants have been tested as powerful remedies against Covid-19, including **** ginseng and licorice **** but in Brazil and much of the world, medicines are only considered when going through the 4 clinical phases of human testing. What’s wrong with that? *

*** The Genocidal Dictatorship of “Trial Clinical” that repress many Treatment Options ****** ****** – Sodré Neto ***

*** Summary: *** To repeat that only what has gone through the 3 or 4 phases of clinical tests on humans is a scientifically proven remedy, hides a lot of injustice and ignorance, as it is perceived that the remedy goes beyond this unjust legal convention that benefits almost only economically viable projects. An immense percentage of health solutions show to be in the trash can, and this represents the death of many especially today in times of pandemic by Covid-19.

Findings that, at most, were tested on animals or phase 1 and 2 of a few people, or represent ancient Indian wisdoms, popular wisdoms, grandma’s chaps, expired patents or easy syntheses to manufacture / associate / optimize, inexpensive solutions, schemes of old ones; all that, because they do not represent viable projects due to the extremely high investment required to pay for the famous and expensive “clinical trials” (trial clinical), end up being canceled, aborted and left in the trash of anonymity, marginalization, criminalization and sale in disguise as a cosmetic, supplement food, etc. Important Differences and Potential Synergies between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and the Isolation of Natural Products from Bretschneidera Sinensis (Important Differences and Potential Synergies between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, and the Isolation of Natural Products from Bretschneidera Sinensis)

Scientists friends confided to me that they have solutions for several diseases, which end up on the shelves because no industry will buy that project, due to the lack of perspective on the return of the high expense that implies paying for clinical phases.

Almost nobody will invest, for example, in garlic, in dandelion root, in auto hemotherapy that activates our immune system as much as if we get hurt or have an accident, in ozone therapy that despite curing 236 diseases including killing viruses and bacteria, for a meager cost that would save billions in the health care system, it is hardly used in the poor and exploited Brazil; in the research with ** colostrum which is our vaccine ** ** natural and from animals, ** the vaccine (in all letters) that makes us survive when we pass through the vaginal canal full of micro organisms, we don’t even talk about this subject, because they are cheap resources, you can buy them anywhere, you can harvest them in the yard like natural cannabis for cancer with more than 100 scientific articles recommending, or “products” that you remove from your body,

So the pharmaceutical industry is almost the only one that can decide what goes through clinical trials, and practically only invests in its own projects that have exclusivity in synthetic manufacturing, and for that, it vampirizes research, scientists and our public institutions, where, in addition to exclusively promoting its well-tested and therefore scientific products, it also lives by supporting publications, mentalities and research, which somehow repress that orphan science, without a father, thrown in the trash of oblivion, marginality and criminalization, declaring with his parrots thoughtlessly that every scientific discovery is not yet scientific because it has not undergone clinical trials (and depending on the project it never will).

I have prepared a list of 24 remedies for Covid-19, where most are not recognized as science-proven remedies. *** Why are some valid solutions not valid? Why don’t many research projects go ahead and become stagnant or at most, stopped in in vitro and animal tests? ***

1. Ivermectin, which has already been approved and tested in humans (trial clinical) for the use of parasites and tested to be good also for invite-19, was not specifically tested in “trial clinical” for specifically the virus. If, in the first symptoms, the person was taught to take at least a small and diluted dose soon, he would not let the virus spread. But they, dominating a super submissive population that deifies the doctor’s word, claiming care and possibilities of side effects, discourage both this and dozens of other solutions. They prefer to leave the person waiting for care, long examinations, until they decide for themselves what to do when the virus has already spread. Ivermectin inhibits the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in vitro (Ivermectin inhibits the replication of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in vitro)

The annita that was sold freely, already tried to block its sale that now becomes subject to prescription, exaggeratingly mastering this solution that, even if the person took it unnecessarily, which is even very difficult because 80% of Brazilians have worms , it would at least eliminate its worms. The giant FQM would manufacture as quickly as necessary, that is, it has no excuse for generating a shortage of supply.

Several drugs that scientists already know are excellent, are waiting in line for bureaucratic and expensive clinical phases (trial clinical) that only benefit pharmaceutical industry projects because only they have so much money needed to pay for “trial clinical” that it does not come out less than $ 300 million, such as Remdesivir, tocilizumab, rendecivir, Eli Lilly Abcellera, Tak-888, Regeneron, Alnylan and Vir (RNAi), hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin WP1122 Covid-19: Know the main drugs being tested – Health Sector ( Covid-19: Know the main drugs being tested – Health Sector)

Many of this list had already been indirectly tested on humans and it would be enough to know that it is also useful for the covid-19 virus, which would suffice, but the excess of bureaucracy and care overcomes the excess of deaths.

2. Quina bark tea + airway probiotics as a natural substitute for toxic synthetics

3. List of endophytic antiviral plants with proven effect against various viruses + natural anticoagulants such as garlic, onion, ** licorice, ginseng **, cinnamon, fish, olive oil, turmeric, licorice, hibiscus; there are many of these plants in the ancient wisdom of the Indians and the people that are worth 1 trillion times more than “trial clinical” that will not happen for these super solutions because they are natural products that do not generate profit for the researcher (therefore there will be no investor) , and because plants have variations and bring many active principles, this hinders that science knows exactly how to monitor effects (there will not be optimal conclusions); that is, even though you know that something has been going on for thousands of years, the expensive prostitute of the “trial clinicals” will not happen and the arrogant pharmaceutical science qualified to monitor few analytes and few active ingredients, will not know how to define. And if you define it, it will not do anything, because it is not an interesting project.

5.4.4. Herbs with 3 chymotrypsin protease-inhibiting activities

Chymotrypsin-like protease 3 (3CL pro) is essential for replication of the coronavirus, including MERS-CoV and SARS-COV, which lead to the potential therapeutic benefit of its inhibitors [150, 151]. The Chinese herb, cinanserin, is a serotonin receptor antagonist that can inhibit 3CL pro and inhibit SARS-CoV replication [152, 153]. Some polyphenol compounds also exhibit the pro-3CL inhibitory effect, such as antioxidant flavonoids. In vitro studies have shown that several flavonoids suppress the hepatitis C virus, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, through their 3CL inhibitory effects. These flavonoids include herbacetin, isobavachalcone, quercetin and helichrysetin, rhoifolin and pectolinarin, [[154], [155], [156]]. With the expression regulated in excess of 3CL pro during COVID-19, the inhibitory herbs of 3CL pro may be the sensitive options in the management of COVID-19 [157]. Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic (Individual risk management strategy and potential therapeutic options for the COVID-19 pandemic)

4 .. Selenium

As an integral part of several selenoproteins, including glutathione peroxidases and thioredoxins reductases, selenium plays a critical role in defending against viral infection through its antioxidant, redox signaling and redox homeostatic contributions [94]. Selenium deficiency is associated with an increase in the pathogenicity of various virus infections [[95], [96], [97]]. In the deficient state, selenium supplementation is useful for the prevention and treatment of viral infections [[97], [98], [99], [100]] Recently, a mild strain of the influenza virus has also been reported to show increased virulence in selenium-deficient mice. The increase in virulence is related to several changes in the viral genome [95, 101]. In addition, the immune response, such as pro-inflammatory chemokines, can be increased in selenium-deficient mice. In addition, mRNA expression of inflammatory protein macrophage-1α and -1β, monocytic chemotactic protein-1 and RANTES (regulated on activation, expressed and secreted normal T cell) were altered in selenium-deficient mice. Cytokine mRNA levels were also modified in selenium-deficient mice. IL-4, IL-5, IL-10 and IL-13 increased, while γ-interferon and interleukin (IL) -2 were decreased, which suggests a modification in relation to the T-helper-2 pattern in mice with disabilities de Se in relation to the T-helper-1 pattern in mice with Se-suitable [95] Therefore, selenium intake affects different types of immune responses and related mechanisms differently, revealing an effective role for selenium supplementation in viral diseases. 4. A lot of onion + liquid is expectorant (I don’t see anyone talking about this simple solution that besides preventing pneumonia is still anticoagulant and solves one of the most emerging problems of covid-19); try to give a lot of onion as a super solution to a patient, they will laugh at you.

5. Alternating dry sauna with cold shower

6. List of anti-inflammatory foods (garlic, broccoli, chives, etc.)

7. Saffron

8. Immediately replace medicines for high blood pressure and diabetes due to ACE2 that makes covid19 fatal, with natural solutions (water from garlic, hibiscus, etc.). by natural quinine)

The fault is not exactly with diabetes or hypertension, but with the drugs they use

Hypertension is also treated with ACE and ARB inhibitors, which results in a positive regulation of ECA2.5A ACE2 can also be increased by thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen. These data suggest that ACE2 expression is increased in diabetes and treatment with ACE and BRA inhibitors increases ACE2 expression. Consequently, increased expression of ACE2 would facilitate infection by COVID-

19. Therefore, we assume that treating diabetes and hypertension with ECA2 stimulating drugs increases the risk of developing severe and fatal COVID-19. Are patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus at increased risk for COVID-19 infection?

Amoxicillin and Captopril are among the unregistered drugs

Alert: Anvisa cancels registration of medicines from EMS, Eurofarma, Cristália and 5 other laboratories

9. Vitamin D, sun, D3

10. Vitamin B3 present in seeds and fish

11. Autohemotherapy that CFM unjustly condemned (I comment more details here Sodre Sis)

12. Autohemoozonoterapia that kills the virus

13. MMS

14. LDN

15. Ozone therapy

16. Star anise

17. Antiviral plants with enzymes that prick specific parts and inactivate virus multiplication.

18. To smell mint oil, drizzle in the mask, along with vinegar, cloves (In vitro antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities of the ethanol extract of Mentha piperita L

Herbal medicine and pattern identification for treating COVID-19: a rapid review of guidelines (Herbal medicine and pattern identification for treating COVID-19: a rapid review of guidelines)

Aromatic smells fighting corona virus – I was part of this technique in 2004 using the closed car as if it were a camera, dripping mint on the fan with hot air on. Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus ( Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus ) Method-for-Clearance-of-Nasal-Air-Passage-Trachea-Lungs-and-Immunity-Boosting-Against-Influenza-Virus.pdf  ( Method-for-Clearance-of-Nasal-Air-Passage-Trachea-Lungs-and-Immunity-Boosting-Against-Influenza-Virus.pdf )


Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus ( Aromatic Smells Fighting Coronavirus )


Aromatic antiviral system ( Aromatic antiviral system )

19. 5-aminolevulinic acid to protect hemoglobin functions Applications of 5-aminolevulinic acid on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of strawberry fruit during postharvest cold storage (Applications of 5-aminolevulinic acid on the physiological and biochemical characteristics of strawberry fruit during postharvest cold storage ) (has in the strawberry) The strawberry has aminolevulinic acid that helps the integrity of hemoglobins that are sabotaged by proteins from viruses

20. Colostrum of cow and raw egg mainly of quail or chickens exposed to the virus. There are people who speak ill of vaccines; but vaccines, despite having side effects, are generally good. But the best vaccine is in the raw egg yolk; there are 10,000 vaccines. If the chicken or quail has been exposed to viruses and diseases, they create defenses, antibodies, which are vaccines, in their egg yolk. The cow creates vaccines in the colostrum that is the milk for the first 72 hours after delivery; that’s how nature deals with pathogens, so the calf dies if it doesn’t take colostrum and humans will be allergic for life if they don’t take breast milk for the first 72 hours.

21. PDT which are virus attack systems using lights and dyes, red laser and blue led with chromophore. Having both anticoagulant and anti-viral effects.

22. natural anticoagulants such as garlic, onion, ginseng, cinnamon, fish, olive oil, turmeric, hibiscus

23. Stop being a sucker believing that only what has passed the expensive clinical trials in humans is scientific and reliable. I explain more here  ( )

24. Urinotherapy, mainly of those infected who are in the improvement phase, their blood at this moment in particular, is full of antibodies and informational molecules of the immune system, and the urine is nothing but filtered blood plasma; that is, exactly the part where the most antibodies and informational molecules are occurring.

24. Prayer, peace and trust in God, as fear and stress paralyze the defense immune system

*** Forgotten Solutions ***

In Germany it is said that good science is one that works; but it’s not always considered that way especially for medicines., you have to follow all the super expensive demonstrative bureaucracies, and as the overwhelming majority of the discoveries do not bring prospects of compatible return, high investment required, they are marginalized and become part of a science without a father, without investors.

This has happened mainly since the 100 million dollars that Rockfeller tried to start the process of replacing broad, holistic, more natural medicine with a medicine focused on synthetics that have exclusive manufacturing and are patentable. That is why it seems that health nowadays depends almost exclusively on pills that have gained the status of almost unique “remedies”.

But this has occurred to a lesser extent in those who study a little more, or in countries where the legislation on herbal medicines and supplements is differentiated as in Japan where the Japanese are fanatical about plants, Germany, Australia, and where, proportionally, they also occur well lower number of deaths by Covid-19, where the people are not as lambs of the upper system, probably because they are not as inferior as in Brazil, which little discuss such laws, AS THE ROCKEFELLERS ELIMINATED NATURAL MEDICINE TO CREATE MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY ( HOW ROCKEFELLERS ELIMINATED NATURAL MEDICINE TO CREATE THE MODERN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY )

This established system pressures the researcher to almost 2 centuries of scientific scams and plagiarism, as the brilliant Red Cross biomedical Bárbara Arranz well expressed: “It is part of the model of this type of industry to isolate the properties of the plant, to patent each advance achieved and to produce solutions a from these [fragments that will be plagiarized in syntheses]. But would that be the best way? Evidently not! The use of all the components of the plant makes its power much more effective [besides not bringing in its synthesis the high degree of impurities and toxicities]. ” The importance of differentiating Cannabis Industry from Pharmaceutical Industry ( The importance of differentiating Cannabis Industry from Pharmaceutical Industry )

A friend from the industry told me that he has already seen scientists arriving with plumes of notes of medicinal plants (collected from the ancient wisdom of the Indians in the rich Amazon), receiving the following recommendation: “see what you can synthesize, what you can’t throw away” . That simple.

Synthetic remedies are almost always very toxic, so much so that, according to Richard Beliveau, only 5% exceed the line of tests for animals and 1% for humans. Then they would still have to monitor each batch of drugs to check quality control; whether the quality of the syntheses has toxic by-products or not; bioavailability tests (which in practice if it happens, after being approved, you’ve seen it, you know…). In other words, all these tests make the product more expensive, and however bad the purity of the synthetics is, almost exclusively they will become “scientific”, since only they will have investors because they offer the security of manufacturing exclusivity.

Once they approve their synthetic remedies, most of them stolen from popular wisdom, Indians, from nature, etc; they start to be sold in the avenue of the pharmaceutical shelves, that move trillions of dollars annually.

With so much money it is easy to buy everyone, following the same line of Rockfeller, here they also tried to dominate the regulatory agencies ANVISA, CFM, CRMs & CIA, and they even dominate through the media and medical schools, which most of the time , at least in Brazil, are almost totally alienated from broad scientific research, and almost totally enslaved only by the part of that “science” that was supported and developed by the industry, which has its virtues and discoveries; but which is increasingly in direct conflict with science itself, which increasingly seems to recommend natural products or semi-synthetic resources; today we have a terrifying picture where we can almost completely divide clinical science from the university student, in general, without a father. Logically, when the researcher discovers this scheme, he will pay more attention to what will give him a financial return; and thus all university science is contaminated, where everything that is researched will now pass the pig criterion whether or not it can be bought and sold.

While the zone spoiling wide-ranging science is taking place, the wisdom application of fatherless science becomes increasingly repressed, full of laws, and since reason is not overcome, the imposition of rules becomes a necessity.

Knowledge leaks. In times of “google” anyone can get even more scientific information than the university professor, than the doctor, especially in Brazil, where doctors in the proportion of 0.4 to 2 per 1000 people, do not have time to study, so many are the people to attend and so much is the money to earn. Purchased at high wages once trained, the poor doctor is monitored day and night so that he does not deviate from the rules, RDCs and controllership of CRMs and CFM, led by pharmaceutical lobbyists. Woe to him if he escapes the system, he will lose everything. Especially him, since the researcher is seen as a useful idiot that the system will use when it suits him.

*** The Expensive Whore ***

The hierarchy of those in charge of their health has the supreme king as the industry, which pays for the science that is transformed at this point into an expensive prostitute who charges a high fee to give permission to start clinical trials, thus making the group of those who succeed take her to bed.

The industry then banks the obsolete system of the very expensive clinical science (which could easily be replaced by cheap cell phone applications that would accompany tests in open clinical trials), and then dominates the agencies of ANVISA, CFM, CRMs & hospital networks & Cia, for to establish financial and bureaucratic difficulties so that only they can approve products there, and thus can dominate most doctors (not all of course) who ultimately dominate obedient lambs like you.

First we will see some images of medicinal effects of natural products and expired manufacturing patents (which in general do not undergo clinical trials or new trials) versus new synthetics (which do) before exposing the subject:

*** (*** The system ends up giving authorization for commercial projects and science is prostituted. May the prostitutes forgive me for the very unfair analogy with them) ***

Regarding cancer, where scientists demonstrated the very low capacity of chemotherapy for most cases, many doctors and scientists woke up and were in conflict:

“After the emergence of modern antineoplastic therapy, the medical community is divided into two opposing fields, one stating an absolute need to use isolated or synthesized chemical compounds for efficient treatment of the patient and another that advocates alternative cancer therapies, particularly those based on natural sources, including plant extracts. It seems, in reality, that the two fields are reconcilable: while natural sources, plant extracts or juices play a curative and protective role, drugs represent the last possibility to inhibit or reverse the development of the tumor ”Anti-breast Cancer Agents Derived from Plants ( Anti-breast Cancer Agents Derived from Plants )

It is interesting that since doctors and scholars the more they study, the more they create strong prejudices towards the industry and the more they believe in resources classified as complementary, alternative and other names. We can see the transformation of brilliant doctors of the caliber of Dr Lair Ribeiro which I defended in this video explaining a similar subject  ( = SQpVUYjwRW8 )

But the health hierarchy today established as ICAMP (Industry-science-agencies-medical-people), needs to establish its power, and all authority when it is exercised with injustice, exaggeration, ignorance, lapses, arrogance, we condemn people to death, confusion ; and it is at this point that I observe the cause of most of the people who have died and will die from covid-19.

Our control system takes advantage of the lambs mentality of the officialate and prevents, suppresses and persecutes, controls too much, overpoweres too much, that happens a great list of possibilities that would help us to fight the virus like some that I put below (of last remedies) research from large laboratories to Grandma’s tea).

Much of this control is motivated by commercial interests by ANVISA, which demonstrates that it is clearly controlled by the pharmaceutical industry operating in Brazil.

“If we automatically approved the drugs because they were registered in the United States, we would have a flood of American products and liquidate the national industry.” health doctor Jarbas Barbosa, former Anvisa CEO Cancer patients get free drugs that don’t exist in the country ( Cancer patients get free drugs that don’t exist in the country )

In other words, in this statement, it is clear that ANVISA’s interests in protecting local pharmaceuticals as national industry in practice does not even exist because more than 90% of the active ingredients of medicines come from China and India.

Repression occurs for justified and controversial cases; it is difficult to discern because the laws are often too generalist.

COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses](COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses)

Response by Sodré Neto to How to better solve the great economic threat of the shutdown and the need to avoid the peak service to Covid-19?

Higher concentration of intracellular zinc inhibits the formation of the first protein (RdRP, or Replicase) created by coronavirus RNA when sequestering the ribosomes of our cells. This prevents RdPR from hijacking our ribosomes … to make multiple copies of its original RNA.


¹ *** On egg yolk, colostrum and milk from the first 72 hours after delivery: 

Stanford researchers announced in August what they had taught before March: entenda. In March 2020 at the 13th to the 17th I talk about chicken yolk and quail containing antibodies to covid-19  and explain the mechanism and repeat the case of gem: